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Our Partnership

Febb's Boutique is proud to give back to our community, which is why we partner with AWAKE to support Women's and Kids' equality.

A portion of proceeds from Febb's Boutique is donated every year to AWAKE. Join with us to support a better tomorrow for Women everywhere!

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AWAKE launched in 2013 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on the advancement of women and kids through education and policy change. In five years, through our volunteer advocacy work, we have had significant impact on the health and safety of thousands of women and children living in Tennessee. Our approach is simple. We are action-oriented, strategic and bipartisan.

In Tennessee, there is a lack of priority around addressing those critical health and safety issues facing women and children. AWAKE’s advocacy and educational efforts help fill this gap so that these community needs are addressed. Through each of our collaborative efforts, we are guided by the conviction that women and children in Tennessee deserve to feel safe, lead healthy lives and have equal access to opportunity.

To ensure that our efforts have the broadest possible reach, we partner with numerous women’s and children’s organizations across the state, including End Slavery, Center of Hope, Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee, the Sexual Assault Center, Thistle Farms, the YWCA, You Have the Power, and the Women’s Fund of Greater Chattanooga.

AWAKE is distinctive because of the organizational model we

use to foster societal change. Our “house model” allows us to

focus on issues that adversely affect women and kids on both

the macro and micro levels. The "roof" of our model is shaped

by efforts to promote positive policy change affecting

communities and our state as a whole. The "foundation" is

our educational curriculum that teaches children and adults

how to become self-advocates and advocates within their homes, communities and at the state level. The “walls” in between are shaped through volunteer training and participation, which reinforce all of our work. By addressing societal change from both a top-down and bottom-up approach, we are effectively improving the futures of all Tennesseans.

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We work hard to accelerate systemic changes by identifying the “gaps” or those antiquated laws that most negatively impact the lives of women and kids. We also strive to make change at the individual level through our I Am An Advocate program. Our educational focus is designed to help create an “army of advocates” for women and children across Tennessee. We do this by partnering with numerous nonprofits using curriculum that teaches students and women how to become self-advocates, so they are empowered to become change-makers in their own communities and schools. We have served hundreds of students and women over the past three years and hope to increase these numbers as we expand our efforts statewide.